Data security in the cloud

Every year, millions of laptops are lost or stolen. Many of which contain important and confidential data.

Full disk encryption is an important first line of defense to protect your data.

Solution advantages:

  1. The solution encrypts the content as soon as it is created. Encryption proactively protects your data by continuously verifying user, application, and device security integrity before allowing access to encrypted data.

  2. Provides centrally managed full disk encryption using Windows BitLocker and Mac FileVault, taking advantage of technology built into operating systems. To further simplify your workflow, you can manage Windows and macOS Full Disk Encryption from one console.

  3. Encryption, decryption and access to information are automatic and transparent to the end user. Therefore, data encryption does not affect the work process.

  4. With one click, users can create a password-protected file securely packaged in an HTML 5 virtual box.

  5. Convenient central controls help you comply with data protection regulations and prevent violations.

Detailed reports and audits:

  • Role-based management to separate authorization levels

  • Dual resolution for mission-critical tasks

  • Safe storage, exchange and recovery of keys on all devices

  • Set up policies for groups and devices from a centralized console