Multi-factor authentication systems

Multifactor authentication systems are designed to enhance the level of protection against unauthorized access to corporate information systems. Unlike one-factor authentication (for example, using only a password), such systems use at least two authentication factors.

Multifactor authentication is used in remote access subsystems, virtual private networks, internet banking, information systems and web portals. Hardware identifiers can also be used for electronic signature functions or to control physical access to premises when they are integrated with an access control system (ACS).

The introduction of multi-factor authentication systems allows:

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of international and domestic standards in the field of information security

  • Ensure compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation in the field of personal data protection and state information systems

  • Reduce the risks associated with gaining unauthorized access to protected information systems

When creating multi-factor authentication systems, Smart IT Systems uses products from global manufacturers, whose portfolio includes a variety of authentication tools (USB tokens, smart cards).