PCI DSS Implementation

Smart IT Systems provides services for PCI DSS compliance.

We will help you prepare and receive a certificate of conformity or undergo an annual re-certification audit, reducing the cost of maintaining compliance with PCI DSS 3.2.1.

Our Approach to Compliance with PCI DSS Requirements


General information about the standard
PCI DSS is a payment card data security standard. The standard is a set of different groups of controls to ensure the security of data on payment cardholders that are transmitted, processed and stored.

Who should match?
All companies that process, store or transmit information about the owner of a payment card within a year must comply with the PCI DSS standard.

Most often, it is necessary to comply with:

  • card personalization organizations

  • processing centers, banks

  • retail stores

  • payment gateways

  • storage of backup media

  • e-commerce sites, etc.

Who is monitoring compliance?
Compliance with PCI DSS is monitored by international payment systems. Failure to comply with PCI DSS requirements provides for the imposition of fines, up to disconnection from the processing system of international payment systems.

Our Approach to Compliance with PCI DSS Requirements


Penetration tests



  • Optimal process for preparing and conducting certification audits.


  • We will prepare for you all the necessary documents for the audit.

Penetration tests

  • We conduct external and internal penetration tests.

ASV scan

  • Quarterly ASV scanning is a prerequisite for passing the audit.


  • Daily support. Answering your PCI DSS questions

Smart IT Systems Company will conduct an audit / implementation of the PCI DSS, to prepare for you all the necessary documents to carry out penetration tests and ASV-scan. We will provide support during certification for the PCI DSS standard, and after the completion of the certification period.